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    1997 Polaris 780 SLT sitting low in the water

    I recently bought my ski because my friend has one that is a 96 750 SLT which is a great ski. Upon taking it out I realized that his sits about 3" higher in the back end then mine when no one is on it. When I sit on mine the rear goes down and water comes in where my feet are and then and I come up to a plane it goes out. When I sit on his I do not have water come in. I have looked in the engine area and tere isnt any water in mine. Could the difference be the weight of the 750 compared to the 780? I am clueless as to why the exact same body style would sit at different heights in the water....any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim

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    Welcome to the Hulk Jim.

    1. Your buddy has either a 1994 or 95 SLT 750. They went to the SLT 780 in 96.

    2. There are some differences between the 2 hulls since they changed it a bit in 1996 when they added the 780 engine.

    1995 SLT 750:

    L 120.3"
    W 47.3"
    H 37"
    Dry weight 530 lbs.
    Fuel 11 gals

    1996 SLT 780:

    L 120.3"
    W 49.3"
    H 39"
    Dry weight 595 lbs
    Fuel capacity 14.5 gals

    Can't tell you why your SLT 780 sits lower. I have a SLT 750 and never noticed it sitting higher than the SLT 780 I ride with.

    It almost doesn't matter, because the skis aren't meant to be barges. They're meant to ride, and as you said, once you hit the gas, the bow rises and the water runs out of the foot wells.

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    My 94 SLTs nose is down in the water with the back end up with a full tank of gas.........

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    As long as the inside of the hull is dry I wouldnt worry about it

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    I have both a '94 SLT and a '96SLT. The rub rail of the '94 sets completely out of the water while the rub rail of the '96 sets right at the water line. It's just differences in the design of the hull.


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