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    GPR pump inlet system

    Just curious if anybody has seen or tried this one piece pump inlet system? I found it in Hot Products website in their new products section. It does not say who made it does say it runs for just under 1K. looks like it comes in 155 or 158mm wow a Skat 158 on the GPR cool!!!
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    R&D made (makes?) that kit. It sets the pump lower in the water. This increases the handling on the GPR, specifically for closed course. I think a couple of members have tried it (maybe pics on my tuners section) and was really impressed with the skis handling. I do know that the nose rides lower, and there is a drastically lower top speed. There was a 155mm version, and if I remember, quite possible a 158mm version.

    That shoe and grate is absolutely different than the single bar grate that you see on some race skis. The pitch, and loading ramp are very different. Once again, if I remember correctly, it is identical to the Pro Shoe/Grate.

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    Lets set your ski up like my silver one. I'll help you with all the details. It should be a cake-walk. Then if you feel like it isn't handling good enough you can tighten her up. We are too damn old to ride closed course style!!

    Top speed is where its at lets get set up good and go ruin peoples day out on the river next summer.

    There are always some shiny RXP's on the river looking for an easy GPR kill

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    Spud I am all for that!! I have the need for speed I am thinking ahead to my next project ski the OSBSFH seems you have to name your projects these days. I see all the power being put the skis and was wondering why there was not a larger pump. I know the Kawi's were going with the 158 skats so I was just looking around seems to me if you can make the horsepower you can process more water. I will be ready for a test with FrankenSki next week so lets do Senators I am sure if others can make they will, if not we can video it.

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