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    RIVA Stage 1 installed! Down to 7700 RPMs. Any pointers?

    Water temp was in the low 80s. Maybe I should have installed one at a time and tested. I was into the 8000s stock.

    05 RXP
    RIVA RXP Power Filter
    RIVA RXP Pump Wedge
    RIVA RXP Top-Loader Intake Grate
    Solas Concord Impeller 1 SRX-CD-14/19
    OPAS block offs.
    Ride plate holes filled.

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    one or a few of the blades on the impeller could be out of wack.

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    can I put my stock impeller back on?

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    I think mxl16 is right on with his presumption.

    Yes, put your stock impeller on to see if your RPM's come back up.

    I just purchased a 14/19R impeller for my ski and two blades were out of whack.

    If indeed you find that the impeller is the source of the low RPM's I would be happy to have a look at it for you and fix it. No charge!

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    Thanks. I will give it a try.

    Also, with the OPAS block offs, I notice more spray. Has anyone else noticed this?

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    I think I've read a few people bolted on the Riva Stage II and got 7700 RPM. And some say they are doing 77 MPH? Not sure what the reality on this kit yet.

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    Put stock impeller on and am up to 7850RPM. Water temp 82.

    Took off the Solas, it looked like it went through a tour in Iraq. It was on for 2-3 hours, and ended up with a few dings and the green cone is hosed. Check out the pictures. Those are not scratches on the green piece, it looks corroded. Does anyone know why it would do this?

    Also, the lost RPMs. Could it be the wedge? That is the next thing to come off.
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    Got it back up to 7850RPM with the stock prop. Other that the top end, it is good to go. What is next? Take it to the dealer and complain? OR should a oil change/plug change get me back?

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    Take more pitch out of the impellers to get your RPM's to 8100. It will make a HUGE difference in your performance.

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    What about the new solas prop? I would think I would want to have this one fixed and trued. IT cost a lot and now its in a box.

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