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    Use a 2 stroke oil with an oxygenating ingredient (nitromethane, nitropropane, nitroethane) and tweak the EFI or needle settings. The one company that I know of with such a product is look for SuperX under the lubricants tab.
    (By the way, this company started because the owner and his father were into drag boats and are both chemists)

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    all you big bore monsters get a seadoo throttel cable that came on some of the old seadoos that came 1 to throttle split in to 2 hook one to throttle hook one to carb linkage the other to oil pump put bead on pump end holding pump turned a littel stock cable will not give you enough oil on low end and idle faster out of hole pump gives plenty on top end better oil ratio across the board kerry trick at least 1 to 2 mph

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    Higher octane usually has an impact. unfortunately water conditions, temperature, humidity can all impact more that that.

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    Lose weight is a healthy choice for some, either Hull or self.

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