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    ?? for Watcon. Timing differences between year models.

    Randy, (Or anyone else that knows)
    Is there a noticeable difference between the 97 and 99 timing curves?
    Is it possible that some of my troubles are related to the 99 cdi being on a 97 engine?

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    I assume you mean 1997 & 1999 1050 motors? The CDI, flywheel, stator, ignition timing, etc are all compatible. What problem are you having?

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    Mainly just a slug out of the hole. I believe most of it is carb tuning.
    I assume the rev limiter is about the same for both? I maxxed out at 6510 with the 009 cylinders and the 99 cdi.
    But I believe performance should be better than this.

    Here's what I have:
    99 SLX
    97 SL 1050 engine with 99+ mag assembly. 009 cylinders, 3022050 domes.

    97 40/35 Keihins, 2-jet metering blocks (stock 97 jetting), no accel pumps.

    Mag and cdi are an updated kit for a 99 engine.

    Don't remember what the timing is set at, but I know it's stock for the 99 engine.

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