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Thread: polaris octane

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    polaris octane

    I recently get a polaris octane,and i whant to now,if someone cant tell me the normal problems of this model???
    thank´s guys

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    Stroker 1450

    YES they are underpowered you need a three port nickel motor or a 910 stroker lol. everyone could use more power,never hear any one saying they had to much power!!!!! just kidding i would call randy at watcon he would be the one to help you out!

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    Octane WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    This was a quick list from slippery.

    "For handling mods, you'll want the Tubbies II, try the Worx Ride Plate and intake or an R+D intake.

    Watch the carb bolts, they can loosen and also replace the carb linkage with the adapater from Watcon. The E clip can break causing the paper thin throttle plates in the carb to bend. Once bent, they won't seat properly causing the ski to idle, even off throttle.

    Some of the bulk head leakage was also from the pump bolts getting loose or falling out. Good idea to pull them out and silicone them back in around the screw heads.

    The rubbing from the hold down hook on the battery tray against the tank can be fixed by drilling a hole about 1" away from the factory hole in the battery tray and remounting the hook further away from the tank.

    Many skis have had thier waterbox break at the stinger side (mine included). Good idea to have it rewelded since the factory job isn't too good."

    I also remember the hoods have issues on the 02? Randy will know ALL the problems for sure. I think our buddy Randy used to build some of those bad boys. One thing is for sure, it's the same tool box at his shop as the one in a picture from Seebolds.

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    thank´s guys
    this forum is really has a good one between aid.

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