Guess I'll post mine. Thought I did......guess not. She's still a work in progress and haven't yet dialed in the carbs.

How she looked when I picked her up.

Getting the old gas out( already got the oil out at this point)

Terrible state the mats were in

I detail cars in my spare time, so out came the buffer

Got her running.....this was our first run with her. She quit about 20 mins into the ride.

So out come the carbs

Looking pretty rough. This ski spent it's whole life in saltwater.

Carb 1 not too bad

Carb one cleaned up and ready to be rebuilt

Carb 2 looking pretty bad

Taped up and ready for a quick coat of paint to help prevent corrosion.

All painted up

Replacing the gunwale mats

All clean and ready for the new ones.

This side done

Other side all cleaned up and ready for new ones

All done. Weights were used to make sure I had constant pressure on corners to help with adhesion.

Removing oil injection. I THINK the rear cylinder wasn't getting much oil. That's the reason she shutdown.

My marina oil mixing solution. Pop the cap put into measuring cup I have stored in the ski and you're off.

So that's it for now. Put the carbs back in and replaced all the fuel lines after the fuel filter(replaced that as well). Now just waiting to have a buddy of mine come help me dial in the carbs. I adjusted to "stock" settings, but not 100% certain it's right. I put them in and started her up and she ran hella rough. So guessing low speed needs to be adjusted.