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    Talking back on the water today and life is good!

    Well, I haven't been on a ski since the July gathering! My 780 is still a little kaput and I hope HP will lend a hand now that he has arrived. We went out today and I rode johnsonmtz's 750 today and nearly threw myself off 3 times! It was a wild ride! I know why he likes it so much! He was plowing the water with our boat trimmed way high so it would dig in hard creating some great wake! I was flying in the air! I impressed my kids with my new crazy riding skills that I learned from the master M447 in July! Well, it is a lot more squirrley than the 780 and riding on the one side was...interesting. The kids thought I was crazy! Kevin impressed them with his riding of the ski...backwards! Yes on the front of the ski, reaching around the handlebars from the front and steering while spinning around! It was great to be back on the water and I can't wait for more!!!!

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    yup nothing like it i wish we had some water in our lakes down here in texas

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