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    Jerry - What are your disaster plans for this website?

    Are you going to make sure that you sand bag around the edges of the website to prevent water from getting in?

    I would also suggest that you place animated flashlights on the corners of each webpage, so if power goes out we can click on the flashlight and still see........

    Seriously, take care in the next few days. Looks to me if that storm stalls and curves east even 100 miles, you guys are in serious trouble.

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    yea man, hope it doesnt jog east

    Whats worse is this site is hosted out of Houston if memory serves me correctly. If they go down we go down

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    Do you do offsite storage of the forum database ?
    I'm sure anyone on this board wouldn't mind holding a file that is living in a drier area.

    You could even encrypt zip it so they can't expand it and use it on another site or something.

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    Jerry, I have tons of webspace if you want to upload the database. Not sure how big that file would be, but I've got 5 gigs of unused web storage.

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    see my reply in the news section.

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    I'm not as much worried about the servers
    The data is where the meat is at.

    You could always find another host and reinstall phpBB.
    Just whether the years of top secret RXP/RXT information was there.

    If all the data was lost I would have to sell my RXT , buy another and start modding over just so I could remember what I have done...

    RXPperformance is my modding diary without having a diary ....

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    lol that's funny!

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