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    small gps mount made easy

    Here is a easy idea I like to share.

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    now that is a crafty idea

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    Where did you get that? Did you make it?

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    Yes I made it. Its easy to make as it looks. Just bend stainless steel in a vise.

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    So how what keeps the GPS from bouncing out of the mount

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    I have two things that hold the gps in their. The side bracket is pinch tight so you will have to slide the gps in from the top until it fits tight in the middle. The gps curve out in the middle so the its widest point. Then I have heavy duty velcro under the gps to the mount. Its not going anywhere. I even jump wakes before with no problem with the mount on. I like it because it only takes a few seconds to pull the mount of the ski and put it in my glove box when Im done with it. That is the main reason I designed it that way.

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    Ahhh the geko 201, the best GPS I have found!!! It matches my radar gun .5-1 mph all the time!

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