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    R&d Power Shot Ajustable Fuel Tuner For Sea Doo Rxp

    have anyone own this new product? please input your comment. many thanks

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    R&D is really on top of there game these days

    They make the widest array of 4-tec performance parts currently available

    The most powerful watercraft in the market all make exclusive use of this new "Power Shot"

    I can't believe this is the first time this product is coming up on the message boards... it's the latest greatest best thing out there

    I find the description of the product on their website rather amusing myself....

    so they tune the fuel requirements when you add more mods... and they are making this "fuel controller" for the RIVA products basically, yet Riva has additional ECUs and fuel requirements for their own products already... and obviously you can't just add more fuel with a controller without changing the injectors as well... i didn't see mention of fuel injectors, and you can't remap the ECU on the skis, so the only way to add fuel is dump large injectors in there and then take away the excess fuel via a controller...

    basically... seems to be WAY OLD technology to me... unless i'm missing something

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    Quote Originally Posted by calvin View Post
    have anyone own this new product? please input your comment. many thanks
    so by pressing he + button u add more fuel all across the board ? what if u need more juce at high rpm only and u wana lean it out on the midrange ? is this thing is gona dump extra fuel right from idle to the rew limiter ? great !! put me down for 2

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    I'd rather spend twice as much for the riva ecu since its boost dependent, plug it in and go.

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    This came up once before and was shot down failry quickly. If it's the same thing my friend has on his GPR , you can tune fuel for low, mid, and top end ranges. Not something i see as useful for us though.

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