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    Holiday tipping?

    Christmas time, who do you tip and how much?

    If you are at your favorite eatery very frequently, who do you tip?

    server? how much? usually always have a favorite, but there could be 2-3 steadies...
    preparer? how much? these people prep, produce etc.
    Bus girls? how much? these girls hardly get any tips, they def go unappreciated...
    Cook? how much? this is the dude who makes your good/great meals everytime...
    How about the owners? who are very personalble, spend good quality time with their customers... How much?

    if these tips are not in cash, then what is appropriate?
    Most servers would prefer cash, but what about gift cards/department store cards for the ladies?
    wine for the owner?
    and is $10.00 cash to the cooks and the preparers to little?...

    some truthfull realistic answers please!...PR...

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    Andy- I'm sorry, but I only go to fast food resturants and what the drug reps buy my wife at the office. Usually Applebee's, Olive Garden, and local Pizza joints.

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    EZ Dock of Long Island Shibby1485's Avatar
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    I'm loving the holiday season right now... I'm valet parking cars and people are droping $20 bills left and right. niiiice

    but christmas time, who else do we tip? we make sure we take care of Glen our Mail man and Tom the UPS guy

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    Most restaurants have a tipping system. Just tip the server and the rest usually get taken care of by a "tip Out". It usually works in percentages.
    I would also tip valets(Shibby), hotel maids, barbers, and anyone who provides a service to you.

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    I'm kind of a big deal SeanCucf's Avatar
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    Waiters/tresses, barber, just about any service person. I don't generally tip owners of restaraunts(sp?). I'll tip a little more than standard.

    do you guys tip when you get take out?? If you have to walk up to the counter and get the food, not the chinese, Chili's, etc...???? Sometimes I do, other times I don't. Very strange feeling. They didn't do any real serving, but not writting on that "tip" line makes ya feel like a cheapo.....

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    I think this is more of an East Coast thing. I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about tipping everyone

    If I had a door man or a paperboy I'd tip them, otherwise everyone will get the same treatment. My friends and I don't give each other presents so why should I tip my waitress more just because of the time of year?

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    I quit tipping since my last set of clutches went. Oil pumps weren`t changed,,,puch `em,,phuc `em all.


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    I was tipping my tech all year almost at every visit, and look where it got me ski is still a POS...PR...

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    Don't forget to tip you auto mechanics. I do go that extra mile on my ood customers cars if they tip me or any of my mechanics.

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