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    Cool Who Has.. And Should I.....

    I took off the stock class ecu.. put on the rr ecu !! After that knock sensor / revlimter,,, BS was update on my ski from,,
    Then i notice in some previous post in here That ::
    With a rr ecu comes.
    1. your ski runs hot very .. do i need a theromsate note : i am not a racer just sport fun rider..
    2. Now that the rpms will go a lot higher should i put the metal washers in my rxp supercharge .. and at that time i should replace the cermic blades with the aftermarket one as well.. and if I do this will
    and now \for even more question: do i have too do any fuel injectors mods or remaping of any fuel stuff.. i dont have that stuff.. snap on tools yes.. mapers no... lol ..
    or am i worring about denation for nothing .. my ski has only 49 hrs on it all by me and very easy riding as well.

    Right now after the knock sensor night maire and lose of power and money ..
    .. THIS IS WHERE I STAND ..with a stock ski and a rr ecu
    ps .. i have a honed and b/printed pump and prop from skat trak
    14/19.5 prop have not tested it in the water yet..
    o ya before i for get .. or what is the ratio for make higher octane from 91 octane i have 110 octane to add .. how much per gallon to make 98 octane from the 91 plus 110 equals 98 per gallon..
    Greg Doty of San Pedro Ca 90732

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    i dont know much of what your setup and suggestions, but i can suggest one thing. the first thing you should do is swap out those ceramics for jerry's washers pronto!

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    you will also need the hi rev vavle train too.....

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    I have never heard of an RR ECU causing a ski to run hot???

    The cooler thermostat is always a good idea as it reduces heat fade, but you aren't going to overheat without it.

    Get the ceramic washers out of your supercharger ASAP! Upgrade to the metal ones and be done with it.
    By the way, the supercharger impeller doesn't have ceramic blades, they are aluminum.

    Also, it sounds like your ski is stock with the exception of the RR ECU? If so then your air fuel ratio is way too rich. You need a minimum of an external intercooler to run that ECU. Its also a good idea to upgrade the valvetrain to handle the higher RPM's this ECU is capable of.

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