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    Dont run any carbon cleaner of any kind through this engine, you dont need it and it wont make any improvements!!!! Its gonna be black inside even after five minutes of running that stuff through!!! Leave it be!!!!!

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    Sorry. Please delete

  3. #33 buddy came and looked at them and inspected everything. he gave me the okay that there is nothing wrong with this ski. i fired it up here at the house and the knock was subtle and seemed more vibration oriented than anything catastrophic. so i put that carbon cleaner in and took them out to the river last evening (sorry i didnt see your post about not using the stuff until right now) the one that ran well starting running like crap, bogging down at about 30mph, im assuming its the cleaner running through the fuel system. the other one that had the "knock" still sputters at take off and still knocks loud enough to hear through the seat while im sitting on it. soo im not convinced that everything is okay. the plugs i was wrong about , i read them wrong they are burning perfectly (choc brown color)...i will try to figure out about that coupler thing. im unfamiliar with the specifics of these things so feel free to describe things like your talking to a 2yr old haha.

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    Pull the plugs and turn the impeller shaft by hand. Is it smooth? Is there any noise? Is there any slack? Does it feel different than your other ski? Can you ride without the seat off and further isolate the noise?

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    I will try to turn impellar by hand tomorrow...i did ride a bit without seat on and me personally could not isolate it...sounded bad so just put the seat back on so it wasnt as loud lol. Ill post up how tomorrow goes then...thanks again everyone for all the help and ideas. Maybe wednesday ill try to take a video and post up maybe it will help.

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    ever find problem. i have exact same issues gp800r 2003

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    Did you ever find the problem, i have just purchased the same ski with the same knocking noise.

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    Anybody know what the results of this was? I've got the same issue.

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    Bump would like to know what resolved this too

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    Didn’t you notice the dates of the last post was 2013

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