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    440 stand up wiring?

    Just joined the site and finding all kinds of great info. I just purchased 2 stand ups ones a 650sx with carb problems and the other is a 440 mid 80's? The 440 is missing a starter and the electrical box has been removed and taken apart. PRevious owner told me it had cdi problems. i just picked up a donor 76 440 with no engine but it has a starter and electrical box. the problem is the electrical boxes do not look the same? they have the same number of wires and are the same colors though.

    will the parts work on my 440? also the 440 was raced at one time it has a bunch of mods and custom paint.

    Any info will help thanks!

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    Also is there any way to find out what year the skis are? I got these through a trade for some wheels and tires for a truck and the prevoius owner never even ran them so he has no info what so ever on these machines.

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    I dunno on the wiring, but the last 2 digits on the HIN (number on stbd quarter rub rail) are the year; ie my boat ends in "90" for a 1990 JS440.

    If you need a particular section of the service manual let me know, I've got one for the 440. It isn't the factory manual, though; just the one they're selling on eBay on CD.

    Ex race boat sounds cool, free go-fast parts!

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