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    Pro CDI no worky ?

    Darn that was a lot of work to swap out CDI's and electrical boxes just to wind up with no spark! ARGh! The only wire that did not have a home besides the exhaust valves was the gray wire that Dart and I believe is the replacement wire for tan or temp wire but not hooking it up should be OK and that would only put it in limp? any ideas before I start all over ? thanks Z? edit I checked grounds!

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    UGH...that blows dude, I pray I have it easy when I do mine. If you get a chance...I'm curious how you rigged the set up with your electrical box?

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    I took some notes to go with pho's awesome wiring data! I had a few items that were different but I'll let you know as soon as I sort this out! Z

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    Z pop you old CDI in and see if you have the box wired right. Did the new CDI come from a place that you trust to be working?.

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    Thanks! I cant just pop in the old one cause I had to re wire the coils I got the CDI from Watcon but I don't think they can be tested? Z

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    Check the stator wireing! Did the new box have any components installed that you do not need? Check the wire diagrams from all three skis and double check every thing.

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    The grey wires is the limp mode wire.. just so you know.. check your coil wiring to make sure you wired it right.. also verify that the 650's coils are wired in the same sequence as the 750 (ph20craft's) and the 780 (mine)... attached is a picture of how my coils wired up with the stock CDI. I DID NOT cut any of the coil wires to make them compatible with the pro cdi, I cut the cdi and reversed the sex of the plugs... that way if need be I could just hook up the stock CDI, no problem, and be back to stock.
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    Thanks Guy's ! I'll dig into it again! I choose to rewire the coils so i wouldn't mess up the CDI incase I had any issues with it! Z

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