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Thread: Fuji Cylinders

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    Fuji Cylinders

    I thought all Fuji cylinders were the same? But Xlint Wised me up and showed me this pic! ( See link frigging pic wouldn't post ) What do I need to be aware of as far as cooling? I have a 92 block and the larger port cylinders but want to swap out to a later 750 with the divided port or is that even a water passage at all? thanks Z

    Larger pic
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    The Early 1992,1993 were open to the crankcase as that is where the flush hose is located. This made the cylinders weeker.In 1994 they changed the cooling and the flush adapter to the top rail and elimated the crankcase flush hose. And added meat to the cylinders. Make sence???. You can use either cylindes as the lower crankcase hose is pluged off. Make sure if you have the cylinders without the passages that you flush from the top rail.
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    Great explanation Steve, THANKS.

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    Cool! but my 92 did not have a flush fitting and the crank case has two outlets that connect to a manifold were the three exhaust manifold pissers connect! do I need to change anything? thanks guys! Z

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