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    1983 Kawasaki JS440 Jet Ski

    does anyone know how realiable this ski is??? i am thinking about buying one and is there anything i need to know about it...heres the link
    the guy said the battery was fried i havnt asked if you knows what the cause is if i go see it i might check the charging system to see if that is why the battery is fried, and do a compression check
    p.s. im probbably gunna trade him something for it so i might not be paying that much
    p.s. im 5,11" and 160 lbs would this ski be able to pull me and what types of speeds am i looking at??
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    The battery will need to be replaced every couple of years in this Jet Ski, Speed will be in the low 30's, Very realiable, lots of fun and a good work out.

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