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Thread: Opas Thought

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    Opas Thought

    With my o3 LTD I had the block offs put on and to tell the truth was great. Only thing was I really missed it hooking up in the turns. Don't have the LTD anymore and now have a 03 GTX S/C in which I put on the Riva compettion package that locks the OPAS in the up postion. Reall like this better than the Bock off cause you can still hook up in the turns. My thought on this is try this before you do the block off's.

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    hey swede.... have you seen these new bad boys yet?

    they haven't even shipped yet, no one on the forum curently owns them, but they are on the way from Race Engineering in Europe pretty soon... on the RXP they make a huge difference, we'll soon find out how they fare on the 3-seaters

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    Thanks for your order Ken. I will get these right out to you.

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    Who has tried them on their rxt/gtx what are your thoughts on them and what difference do they make.

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