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Thread: oil sensor #2

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    Question oil sensor #2

    I posted this earlier "I have an 04 RXP replaced engine with an SBT unit after ski sank, engine ran great for an hour or so with no problems whatsoever.
    Went back to ride again and got an oil press light ski went in limp mode (im guessing) would not REV above 3,000 RPM."

    I went to the dealer who suggested replacing the rear sensor first. And examining the S/C for oil. No help, Ok I know What you guy's are thinking, " should have changed the front sensor first" .

    Anyway my question is why are there two oil sensors in the first place? Is the front sensor measuring the pressure from the oil pump? Do both sensors work comparatively? What function does the rear sensor play? If I connect an oil pressure guage " to front sensor port" what pressure should I expect to see?


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    mjet, the rear sensor below the intake manifold is the oil pressure sensor, the sensor on the front pump/cover housing just below the TOPS solenoid is the OSPS, known as Oil Seperator Pressure Switch. This has to do with the crankase pressure/blow-by, this sensor is also know to crap`s about 24.00...hope this helps ya out...PR...

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