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    SL 1050 to 1200 conversion

    Some of you may know me from the "other" site. I've got an SL900 turned 1050 with Pro1200 tripple pipes, ported cylinders, 92 oct domes, 46mm Full Spectrum carbs, Watcon 1200 limited CDI, and a few other goodies...Well, the ski ran great on top end...went neck and neck with an RXP ~67mph on the gun. What I've been fighting with is a bad bog out of the hole that doesnt want to go away, even with jetting changes...Spoke to Jay from Atlantic and he thinks it a port timing issue with the 1200 pipes and the 009 1050 cylinders. So it sounds like going to a 1200 may be needed . Trying to decide the best way. He's got a 1200 motor ready to roll for 2k. Considered buying that and selling my 1050...any input? My crank only has 100hrs on it, and the pistons are practically brand new Poo pieces. Didn't really want to dump a bunch more money into this old dinosaur, but there is something about having a fast beater, LOL. Thanks...BTW, it took me a while to figure out where everyone went.
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    PolarisNut WELCOME to the Green Hulk!!!! We thought you just didn't like the new sand box. LOL
    What about one of those dogone big blocks??

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    PolarisNut, Jay is right.

    The pulse timing on those pipes is a longer duration, and made for the extra 2mm stroke of the 1200.
    The better way to go, as far as pipes, would be the SLXH pipes.
    These were made for the 081 cylinders, only used on the 98 triple, and older twins. They would still suck for bottom end, but you'd gain more rpm on top.

    Going with the 1200 is ideal, if you have the crumbs for the bigger engine.
    The extra torque will wake up the bottom. And the correct port to pulse timing will gain some extra R's.
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