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    Jet pump bearing grease on rxp

    How much grease should i put in the Jet pump bearing? Should i fill it up Full untill the cone?

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    if you overfill it, the cone wont go in all the way. so fill it accordingly

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    It's a fine line. I filled mine up today and was perfect. If it won't go down all the way with your hand pressure it may be a slight overfilled.

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    about 3/4 is good

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    When we raced a rxp in 2004 we removed the grease and put seadoo pump oil. Lot less drag. raced it 2 years with no probs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapper455 View Post
    When we raced a rxp in 2004 we removed the grease and put seadoo pump oil. Lot less drag. raced it 2 years with no probs.
    Can you elaborate Snapper? I like that concept!

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    nothing complecated. we just pulled the prop removed the shaft cleaned the center section in the varsol tank and when we put it together we just filled the cone with seadoo pump oil before putting it on. It's the same thing you do to any skat pump. you remove the bearing caps blow the grease out and make it a wet bath pump. Racers started this in 80 on the old standups back when it made a huge differance because you only had 40 hp. and the grease was a drag on the motor. Also the pump (exspesialy the skats) last longer.

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    Thanks guys,
    I think 3/4 is good.
    Is that ok to put Oil instead of Grease in the jet pump bearing? (stock bearing).

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    I am not to knowlegdable about the pumps, but on trailers, or any automobile an oil bath hub is far superior than greese packed hub. Oil bath hubs allow the heat that is generated from the bearing to be moved away from the bearing. Grease pack hubs trap the heat in the bearings where the grease is. Oil and grease does many functions besides lubricate, they withstand heat without changing phases, and have high thermal capacity. This pretty much the same principle on why you fry a turkey instead of boiling it.

    You could run oil in a bearing where grease once was, but the area where the grease is has to be sealed from the environment, don't want oil everywhere after the change.

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    Here are 2 products you can use for the Sea-Doo's calling for Gear Oil and Grease.

    Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube

    Synthetic Water Resistant Lithium Complex Grease

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