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    1996 Won't restart after turned off

    I have a 96 SLTX that runs fine after initial start up but then won't restart after it's shut off. If I let it sit for while it will start again. It also dies if it is brought to an idle after any period of riding and won't restart. It sounds like the engine won't turn over, but after sitting for a period of time it will start up again and runs great until stopped. Have replaced spark plugs and ends, using a fresh battery. Any suggestions....

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    What exactly does it do and not do when it won't start?

    Does the engine crank at all? Slowly or normal cranking speed?

    If normal cranking speed, does it have spark?

    Does the MFD display work? Red lamp or warning message?

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    let me know if u want to sell it

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    Sounds like it might need the jumper wire upgrade?

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    I am having a similar issue with my 1992 SL650, it starts and rides great then once you turn it off, it won't re start, no click nothing it's as if the battery is dead but if you let it sit, it will fire back up. My issue seems to be random because sometimes it will fire right back up and others it doesn't even try

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