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    Advantages of gas valves?

    looking for input!
    I am considering Gas-Operated Powervalves, what can be gained by there use?
    According to RIVA info improved throttle response.

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    If they are dialed in properly, they will respond to pressure independently of each other which can POTENTIALLY give you better throttle response.

    They have a shoulder on them which does not allow them to drop onto the cylinder causing major damage to cylinder, piston, head, and valve. This has been a serious problem with this engine through the years. Gas valves eleminate this issue.

    Ease of cleaning vs the mechanical valves.



    You must "modify" the cap and spring on the #1 cylinder to make it work.

    If not put on properly, they are prone to leaking exhaust gas. If this occurs, then you would LOOSE rpms.

    You must dial them in.

    I never saw any increase in rpms with them compared to the mechanical. Others may have had different results. On the whole, I would still get them simply for the safety factor of not dropping a valve and ease of operation.

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    * if any of the OEM parts break, they are expensive.
    * gas valves help reduce the mechanical/electrical failure.
    * tunable powerband
    * better/quicker response

    OEM YPVS List

    66E-1131S-02-00 VALVE ASSY. $134.08
    66E-1133E-10-00 CABLE, PULLEY 1 $78.11
    66E-1133F-10-00 CABLE, PULLEY 2 $78.91
    67X-85820-00-00 SERVO MOTOR ASSY $334.40
    SubTotal $625.50
    Type of shipping & handling:
    Standard Shipping (5-10 days)
    Total $676.75

    Go Gas Valve !
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    What Salty and Billie said plus you don't loose power in the chop.
    The stock ignition turns the valves down when you hit the rev
    limiter in the chop, letting the RXP walk right by.

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