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    OK here is the first draft of the itinerary and the info on the trip. All of this is weather permitting of course.

    Having a way to be retrieved if necessary anywhere along the route
    is a must.

    You must have a way to carry enough gas for at least 120 miles of travel.

    Everybody is responsible for themselves. If you are a safety risk to the group you will be asked to leave.

    I have a general map of GPS coordinates if you want them please email me to ask.

    If you have questions that you think I can answer please donít hesitate to ask. We have over 3 months to finalize things so if you have suggestions please email them to me.

    I have already made my reservation at the Motels we will be staying at; I suggest you do the same. You can always cancel later.

    I look forward to doing this and I hope the people who plan on going do too. My email address is michael.pelletier(at)

    Wednesday, March 21st : Leave the ramp at Coquina Beach to begin the trip at 7:30 in the morning. I will wait 15 minutes and leave. You cannot park there for 5 days so you will have to have a driver, or be in the water from somewhere else ready to leave. We will stop for breaks as needed.

    Wednesday Afternoon : Arrive in Goodland, Florida to stay at the Pink House Motel (Phone number is (239) 394-1313). This is the only motel in Goodland I would suggest making a reservation early.

    Wednesday Evening : Sleep or hit a few of the local establishments for a few hours of fun.

    Thursday Morning March 22nd 7:30 : Head out for the run to Sugarloaf Key or Key West depending upon conditions. At this point I think we are going to run to East Cape, then down to Bahia Honda, stop for a break at the park, then cross over to the Atlantic side for the final run. I have made this run numerous times and it is easier and more scenic for the run on south.

    Thursday Afternoon : Depending upon how the group is we will either stop at Sugar Loaf Key Lodge for the day(Phone Number is 1-800-553-6097) or run on down to Key West. We are going to stay at the Sugar Loaf Lodge for Thursday and Friday night. Our time is the Keys is flexible so nothing is cast in stone. Sugar Loaf key is at Mile Marker 17 and there is a shuttle to Key West. We talked about renting a car but as I said it is still up in the air. Looe Key is not too far from Sugar Loaf so if nice maybe snorkeling.

    Saturday Morning March 24th : Leave to head back to Goodland.

    Sunday Morning March 25th : Leave to head back to Tampa Bay

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    Good Lock

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    Good Luck with that

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    i'm sure u guys know that PWC are not allowed in everglades national park ! take a close look at the sea maps if u are busted in the park they might let u off with a warning or they might fine u up the a$$ and impound your ski ! i would stay 3 mile off shore till sand key and then shoot straigh south down to stirrup key (20miles) ,from there u can cruise along the keyes, get gas and eat at waterfront restaurants as u run down to key west ! do u guys have planned route for gas stop , i think last chance for gas will be marco island south of that u have to saty off shore , from marco to stirrup key is around 90miles , can be done at cruising speed on flat seas u guys have fun

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    Stops on run

    After Goodland we will stop at East Cape(about 50 or 60 miles) to fill up, it's on the edge of the park. We don't have to be on land to fill up. There are small places around there to stop, I just picked there because it stuck out and it was about the right distance. After that it's pretty much a straight shot to Marathon(35 or 40 miles). Move over to the Atlantic for the run to Key West. Don't plan on being that close to the park for it to be a problem. The longest part of the trip is from Tampa Bay to Goodland which is about 140 miles.

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    Is there gonna be a boat following you guys?

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    No boat, don't really feel the need. We won't be that far off shore and we have VHF radios.

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    Well 3 of us made it. 627 miles round trip. Saturday we had 7 to 9 foot seas in the Gulf for about 30 miles. Not all the time, they seemed to come in waves and then go back down to 6 footers. I'm beatup pretty good. It will be awhile before I go again.

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