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    XLT 1300 Jetting

    I recently purchased a set of 06 1300 cylinders off Woody and am going to put them on my stage 2 XLT. Can anyone give me jetting recommendations for stock 1200 carbs? My current jetting for the stock 1200 cylinders is:

    110 pilot
    120 main
    1.5 N/S
    80 gram

    I'm thinking maybe 115 pilot and 130 main?

    Thank you!
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    To complement these cylinders I would suggest you also do things to increase low / mid HP

    - raise compression

    - install an Advent or R&D CDI

    - maybe even open up the D plate opening a bit

    and I would also install the GP1200R pump nozzle and if you ride in flat water get an angled R&D rideplate

    Not sure on the jetting, with 03 cylinders you can see what jetting I am using (I am rich on the low end so ...)

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    Jims 1300 from Jim's Performance may be able to help you on your XLT mods.

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    Thanks Guys - Phillip I already have all of the stage 2 mods. I just need to get the stock 1200 head miiled for the 1300 and raise compression. Do you know where I can get a GPR 87 mm 5 degree nozzle?

    Thank for the advice.

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    you can get to 87mm gpr nozzle on this forum's on line store or other's like RIVA. I think I have a new one still in the box if your interested. Do you have an 05 pump set up?

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    Oc, get yourself a 13R head to complement those cyls. Correct cooling ports and anodes. Call Jim, he can hook you up or I know where there are a couple.

    And I wouldnt open the D-plate on that non-pv, it could hurt the top end some.

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    1.2 n/s
    80 gram

    I have a limited number of atomizers that we are using on stock carbs. Jim is the man behind the machine work fitting on them. E-mail me if interested 713-875-1812.


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