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Thread: 06 Gp1300r

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    06 Gp1300r

    Im looking to buy GP1300R pre-owned next month just looking for some useful hints on what to look at to see if its a nice buy?? If all go good im looking for some simple upgrades to add on 3-5mph more??


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    Welcome to the Forum Tanny



    Right off the bat I would do a compression check prior to purchasing it & invest in :

    *Aftermarket Tachometer (Pet-2100)
    *2-bar R&D GP1200/1300 Intake grate
    *Aftermarket rideplate (RIVA or R&D)
    *Jetworks Modification (Better low end performance)
    *D-plate (to replace the Catalytic convertor)
    *EFI fuel controller
    *Replace the stock air box assembly with an aftermarket flame arrestor/filter setup also.
    *14/20 Solas Dyna-Fly impeller if it an 05/06

    There is more, but this can get your started.

    I'm sure others will chime in to help you out. We have lots of helpful members on this site to help you learn about this EFI GP1300R platform you are inquiring about to increase its performance.
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    Lots and lots of info on the GPRs here on the forum.

    Dont be afraid to use that search key.

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    Welcome- Where are you from? Perhaps there are some forum members local to you that could give you a heads up on some local skis and advice on mods and things to look for.

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    Also, look in my signature and download the GP1300R service Manual to your PC.
    This service manual will come in very handy for specific technical information.

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