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    Dinged up rubrails 1997 SLTX

    I was wondering what my chances are of buying new rub rails for my recently purchased 97 SLTX. I'm guessing getting the stuff I need to restore this classic is going to be difficult. I need the four rub rails...front back and both sides, the handlebar pad, a port side mirror, and the decal set. If these are impossible to get...any ideas of how I might recondition the ones I have? there any alternative to the stock rub rails. Thanks for the help! Craig

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    Craig, check with Tony at Atlantic Powersports, I think they had some new ones floating around. Check e-bay, I've seen them there as recent as a few months ago and check with zigler and see if he has some used ones.

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    I know you can get a complete set from Polaris in the black color. You will not be able to find a complete set of new ones in the wild grape color which is what is stock on your watercraft (I spent 2yrs trying...I located two of the four pieces)...however, I bought a complete set of the purple wave color for my '98 SLTX from Polaris just last fall so you still might be able to order a complete set of that. It will cost you a pretty penny for it all...don't forget to order the pop-rivets and plugs for them also. I also believe someone recently posted about a place that can refurbish rub might want to do a search for may have been posted at the old site dare I say it (pwctoday).

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    ebay ebay ebay , i see hulls an stuff on there all tha time ,

    think of it as a parts boat i dk there is one on there now with an upgraded prop ,

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