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    2001 virage engine and jet pump removal

    I picked up this non running ski. I am trying to separate the jet pump housing from the engine to figure out which is seized up. Apparently this was let to sink about halfway up inside the hull with water. Previous owner said shop said all it needed was a new engine, but...

    Here is my question. What is the best way to separate? Is it best to pull the pump housing out first and then the engine or vice versa? I can' tell from the drive shaft if it just pulls out from the engine or if there is a retention clip, etc.

    I also am trying to figure out if the exhaust would have to be removed from the engine to get out of the hull.

    Any help would be great.

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    You need to pull the pump and driveshaft out first. You may need to remove the ride plate to get the pump off ( can't remember on this specific model). The drive shaft just slides out of the coupler. Then you'll need to remove the pipe and exhaust manifold from the motor to get it out of the hull. If you part that motor out, let me know.

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    I will let you know.

    In case I do decide not to rebuild, anyone have an idea what its worth. Hull and everything appears in very good shape. Electronics box has some corrosion, but that is all.

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    I hate to say this BUT it's only worth what somebody will pay for it. You'll surely get more money parting the craft out than you will selling it complete.

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    Well, I plan on rebuilding it, so unless it looks hopeless I will have a project for the winter...

    There appears to be many people on the site that could do a rebuild blindfolded, so hopefully with a little assistance as I go this will get completed!!!

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    None of them are worthless, they just take a little time and what we like others to spend (money LOL).
    You won't have to go past this board to get your machine up and running.

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    It seems that way. Everything I have needed so far has given correct guidance (and more importantly knowledge).

    I will try and pull the engine and pump and then fiugre out where to go from there...

    Hopefully the CDI box isn't screwed up too bad. I will have to ohm it out and see. People on this board are great, they truly do assist with all the issues, its almost unbelievable...


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