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    what gains with these mods

    i have the riva intake grate and OPAS blockoff......i am looking to get the riva cool air intake kit, the worx sponsoons, and the 14/19 impeller from riva.. will i see some speed gains with these.....and what else would work well without being broke? i wanted the stage 1 kit but riding in chop with the 2 degree wedge i hear isn't good

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    You won't see any speed gain with the sponsons. Instead put that money towards a Vortech SC Impeller. That along with the Riva air intake and 14/19 solas impeller will give you the most bang for your buck.

    Richard (way2fast) here on the forum can give you the best price on the Riva stuff. If you want to buy the SC Impeller you can buy it from me here: (Riva price is $399)

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