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    stator or cdi problem!!

    well some of you may remember my problem with my 1995 slt 750, which the previous owner accidentally put water in the timing light hole that leads into the stator houseing...."uh oh" ...i know! so after i replaced the well needed carb kits i took the mag cover off and all the water came out!! soooo im about to order a cdi from atsaaron and since i allready have the mag cover off and the stator could be bad....i was thinking about taking the flywheel off and then trying to polish and clean the stator so i can get good contact....i would really like to hear your input, and would greatly appreciate it.
    p.s. i would also like to know what goes into the process of takeing the flywheel off, the stator, etc..... also will i have to time the flywheel after i take it off if the crank doesnt turn or if i put it on the same way it was before. im not really familiar with this type of engine...

    Thanks alot


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    Another flywheel To remove it, you need a puller. You can get a cheap steering wheel puller from AutoZone or a good one from Don't put the bolts in too far on the flyweel holes or else you can rest assure your stator will be useless. Hook up the pulley and turn it until it's really tight. Take a hammer and tap the end of the puller and that might pop it. Another method is using an impact wrench to tighten the pulley. Beware will hear a loud CRACK when the flywheel comes be prepared to be startled.

    Worse case scenario (which is what happened to me recently) is that the flywheel threads were stripped so I had to tac weld the pulley bolts to the flywheel. If that happens to you, look on ebay or here and you get a replacement cheap.

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    will i need to time the flywheel when i put it back on??

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    The flywheel is keyed. You time the stator plate. Line up the notch on the stator plate to the 9:00 position of the case half parting line.
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    get a good puller. it is worthe the money spent. personally, i would never recomend hitting it with a hammer. that puts a "shock" directly to your crank bearings. just load the puller, ( tighten) as best you can. if it does not pop, leave it sit loaded over night. keep at it.

    if it is real stubborn, you may have to pull the motor, and heat the hub of flywheel with a torch, again while the puller is loaded.

    also make sure the puller is on straight, and even.

    i have all kinds of 750 polaris, fuji parts here if you need.


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    thanks alot guys...but do you think i might get away with polishing the stator was in water so it could be rusted but i dont know yet....

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    I suppose it's possible, but check the tech section on how to test the stator.

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    ive allready tested the stator and some of the numbers seemed wrong....but i might have been doing it wrong...i followed the directions

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    It's pretty forward to check. This is for 92-95 650/750 and prob for 780 (not confirmed for sure).Use an ohmmeter to check red/purple to yellow (0.6)ohms red/white to green/red (490)ohms blue/red to red/white (90) ohms white/yellow to black (220)ohms. Every one I've ever tested never matched exactly, but are right there (+- 1 )

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    thanks ill test it again...

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