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    Some reasons for mis-fires;

    If you have a mis-fire or early RPM drop out that makes no sense, test the LR54 (voltage regulator).
    With the engine idling, check the voltage at the gray wire, it should be above 3 volts with less than 1/4 tank of fuel.
    Pink wire should be below 3 volts
    Tan wires should be above 5 volts.
    IF these readings are incorrect replace the unit.
    If the battery is low so cranking RPM's are down, the engine may have spark with plugs removed BUT have no spark or a weak spark under compression.
    Make SURE the battery is fully charged!!!

    Non resistor plugs
    This will allow RFI signals to disrupt logic circuits and micro-processors in the CDI box.
    RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) is created when high voltage is discharged to fire the plug. The high tension leads act like an antenna and "broadcasts" the noise.
    Resisitor plugs suppress the interference as they act like a barrier between the plug wire and spark plug tip.
    Symptoms are different but usually feels like the ignition system hit the "limiter" at low RPM's.
    You can also experience backfiring and/or erratic running.

    Spark Plugs
    Check them thoroughly, I've seen where the electrode falls down and closes the gap on the plug, this will exibit poor performance, no-spark conditions or intermittent mis-fires.

    Corrosion in the MAG Housing or the electrical board.

    RPM Limit functions
    Overheat sensor
    Low Fuel warning System

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    Virage TXi Wire Diagram (Schematic)

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    DI service tests.
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    Virage I 800 Wire Diagram

    Thanks Rob for getting me the technical drawings!!
    The 40 pin-out of the EMM is on one of the PDF's so you can see what I'm talking about as far as what has continuity and what does not. I have also attached both pages of the electrical single line.
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    MFD Security Code Reset

    MFD Display Security Code Reset.

    Now this is for unlocking But it should reset to default.
    take blue wire & pink wire on oil inj tank & fuel sender ,short together and go to ground. Next wake up display,push in default code 1234 and see if that reset the code.

    To enter your own code
    Hold down the lock button for a few seconds
    First you'll see lock status, ENTER CODE and then
    CHANGE CODE should pop up.
    Lastly you should see OLD CODE, enter the code number (hope it's 1234), if it is the display will show NEW CODE
    Enter your new 4 numbered code
    The display will show CODE CONFIRMED
    Re-enter your new code again
    CODE CONFIRMED will stay for a few seconds if the two numbers match.

    You'll find more detailed instruction in the tech section under DOWNLOADS in the 2002 Genisis book.
    Look under Electrical Systems and you'llfind a couple of pages on the MFD.

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