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    testing oil injection

    Hey guys. how does one know if the oil injection system is operating correctly ? Both on the ski and on the bench?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seabass View Post
    Hey guys. how does one know if the oil injection system is operating correctly ? Both on the ski and on the bench?

    From the manual

    Bench Test:

    Connect a hose filled with injection oil to main line
    fitting. Insert other hose end in an injection oil container.
    Using a counterclockwise (reverse position)
    rotating drill rotate pump shaft. Oil must drip from
    fittings in parts of rotary valve cover while holding
    lever in a fully open position.
    1. Supply oil line to an oil container
    2. Hold lever in fully open position
    3. Counterclockwise (reverse) rotating drill
    4. Oil must drip here
    For an accurate test, each port should be checked
    separately to ensure equal delivery on both ports.
    To obtain a precise result of the oil pump delivery
    rate, rotate it counterclockwise at 1500 RPM for a
    total time of 5 minutes.
    NOTE: To ensure accuracy of test, oil lines should
    be completely filled before starting test.

    Compare the results with the chart below. If oil
    pump is out of specification, replace it.

    1500 RPM (5 minutes)
    717 9.9 - 12.1 mL (each port)
    787 RFI 5.7 - 6.9 mL (each port)
    947 8.3 - 10.1 mL (each port)
    947 DI 7.5 - 9.1 mL (each port

    On Watercraft

    NOTE: Oil line supply must be full of oil. See
    bleeding procedure above.
    Start engine and run at idle while holding the pump
    lever in fully open position. Oil must advance into small oil lines.

    NOTE: The engine should have a rich mixture,
    idling irregularly and emitting smoke at exhaust
    If not, remove pump assembly and check the
    pump gear (717 engine) or shaft (787 RFI and 947
    engines) for defects

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    Do you know the ratio from idle to WOT? like 50:1 idle 40:1 wot?

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    It's probably more like 80 or 100:1 at idle and 40:1 WOT.

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