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    RR ECU

    New mapping is now available for the RR race ECU. a new fuel and ignition curve now makes 10 more hp over the previous version. All new ECU's shipped from now on will include the new curve. a remapping servive will be available for owners of the previous version. not sure of the cost for the recurve yet, but i will post when i have it. this new version also does not require the knock sensor resistor to be removed....easier to install.

    Mark Underwood
    Race Tech
    905 726 3387

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    ROTAX RACING performance
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    what other mods i need, to use the new RR ECU, and get the 10 HP?

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    I will have mine to you in the next few weeks..

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    Mark, as soon as you figure out price and turn around time let me know.

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    Sweet...knew there was a reason I waited to get this mod. So if I'm hearing correctly or clearly, I have an '04 with the knock sensor update and if I were to get this NEW ECU all I would have to do is unplug OE and plug in RR? That would be nice, any hint on the price?

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    Mark if you can remap the RR ICU's why can you not remap the stock unit to turn it into a RR piece?

    Lots cheaper on the end user, and 100% profit for whomever does the mod.


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    the price for the new ECU is the same as before. $1399.00 us. the price of remapping your current one is still unknown. i will post when i know. the best price i could offer is if i send a bunch to rotax at once. this saves on shipping big time. shipping across the pond is not cheap. and maybe rotax will give me a bulk discount.

    the stock ECU cannot be remapped. something to do with how it is made. the new one has a reflashable chip.


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    Mark, could this be the answer to my problem? Does the new ECU come with an Exorcist?

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