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    05 RXT, is this a good deal?

    05 RXT, stage 2 kit, 23 hrs w/trailer for $7000

    im new to this and this guy from Raleigh is selling his RXT and he say it has a stage 2 kit in it,was recently serviced at a local seadoo dealer. including a new trailer and cover. is this a decent deal or no?

    p.s how can you tell if the ski actual has the stage 2 kit in it? can i look and tell if it does or does not? im new to the 4-stroke world and just want to make sure im not getting jipped.


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    Sounds like a really good deal! The stage 2 kit is $2800 for the parts alone. Check this link for the parts, and then look for them in the ski. You'll be able to tell.

    Is the ski under warranty?

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    I'd ask him if he has any receipts for the parts. Ask him which SeaDoo dealer did the service and check with them as to what has been done to the ski.
    Make sure you change out the ceramic washers if they haven't been done already.

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    i don't think the ski is still under warranty due to the mods.
    i'll try to check out the ski tomorrow.
    so your answer would be YES? its a good deal?

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    I would get with Shibby on this one, he would know if it's a deal. The question I would have about buying it, is if the ceramic washers are replaced and then I would have the Supercharger pulled off and inspected, check the oil and filter to see if any foreign debree is in the engine.

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    December 1, 2006 NADA
    Low RetailAverage RetailBase Price $7,790 $8,820 Options Power Boat: PERSONAL WATERCRAFT Exhaust - High Performance: $420 $480 Impeller - Stainless Steel - Installed: $185 $210 Jet Ski/Watercraft Trailer - 1-Craft: $550 $625 TOTAL PRICE $8,945 ~ Low Retail $10,135 ~ Average Retail

    Doesn't sound like a bad deal but I would ask plenty of questions and def test ride. Like the other forum mbrs sd ask for receipts & abt the S/C.

    Good Luck!
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    7 grand with a stage 2?

    you could part the ski out piece by piece and make your 7 grand back

    yes, it's a good deal.

    23 hours WITH a trailer, and "allegedly" a stage 2 kit.... man, go for it... just be sure it legitimately has a stage 2 kit in it, altho even without the stage 2 it's still a great deal.

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    I see you made it over here Platt.....welcome aboard. These guys know what they're talking about. Stick with them and you'll learn A TON!!! Not to mention clicking on "Online Store" will make lifting your wallet a lot easier too!!


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Also, See if that guy can supply you with a parts lit of the "stage II" parts for verification.

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    many thanks , im going to check out the ski tomorrow. i'll get back and post my outcome.

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