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    thank you i just got two 93 sl750 and don't have a Manuel for them yet i didn't know you needed to flush them all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopduerr View Post
    Question 1: Does the Engine need to be running when doing the reverse flush (Im thinking Yes), how long can I run this way?

    On all Polaris watercraft the engine should be started before turning on the flushing water flow.

    The reason is that there is a water spray from the cooling system into the exhaust system interior. When the engine is running the exhaust gases carry this water into the water box and then out the hull exhaust exit. If the engine is not running while the hose is flowing then the water stream can accumulate inside the exhaust system and possibly back flow into the engine interior through the cylinder exhaust ports, which would be bad.

    The engine run time on the hose should be limited to a couple of minutes, with the garden hose water running. The reason is that the jet pump and driveshaft seals are not cooled when the hull is not floating in water. These rubber seals will heat up from friction while running on the trailer.

    If you need to flush for longer, turn off the water and shut down the engine. Let it sit for a while to cool the driveline and seals, then restart the engine and restart the garden hose. An alternative is to remove the jet pump and driveshaft. Then you can run the engine without concern for damaging the driveline seals.

    You still need to monitor the engine cylinder temperatures as sometimes the garden hose supplied cooling will be uneven and some cylinders may get hotter than others. Pay particular attention to the front (MAG) cylinder temperature when using the reverse flush method.

    The sequence for using a garden hose connection is always;
    Start engine, then turn on the garden hose.
    Turn off the hose, blip the engine throttle to clear out the water box, then shut down the engine.

    It is OK to run the engine without any cooling water for 10-20 seconds.

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