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    1999 Genesis fuel injected no spark

    This baby has no spark

    Grounds look good
    Just got the emm back from dfi and they said it had a bad regulator in it.

    ski has a known good batt in it and has good voltage

    BUT NO SPARK!!!!!!!!

    I disconnected what I think is the lr-503 as seen here:

    the box in mine had a yellow, a orange and a black with a yellowish tracer. I disconnected them all and still no spark. The engine still cranked using the start stop button?

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    Arrow How to bypass LR-503 Start/Stop module in 1999-2001 Ficht engines (spade terminals)

    1999 Genesis FFI was the very first model year for Genesis and for Ficht.

    LR-503 has more wire colors than you listed - eight wires I think.

    Since your LR-503 is prior to 2002, it doesn't have the single connector plug, instead it has individual spade connectors.

    Use these instructions, adapted from the LR-505 bypass;

    Find the LR-503 module in the electrical box.

    Disconnect all the LR-503 module wires.

    Find the non-LR Black/White wire and move it to the Black terminal.
    Note: This is just for testing, and needs to be moved back to the Black/White terminal after the test.

    You have now by-passed the LR-503 Start/Stop module, and the only way to stop the engine is using the lanyard.
    The Start button will start the engine, but will not stop the engine.

    Confirm that the engine now starts. Shut it off by removing the lanyard.

    If the engine now cranks and starts as it should with the lanyard in place, and does NOT behave when the LR-505 is reconnected as it was before, then the LR-505 has failed.
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    hmmm. I will look harder for it.

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