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    Marine Fuel Injectors

    Anyone experimented with higher flow injectors such as these on the GP1300 ?
    Looks and sounds like good stuff here. Gains possible?

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    i've talked to the guys there @ RC Engineering quite a bit... really really helpful on the phone!!!

    tell em what you have, what you need, and he'll put you on hold for a minute and whip out all these computations and tell you exactly what you should be running.

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    Just emailed them to ask if there are any computation changes in their formula to find flow rates on a 2 stroke instead of a 4 stroke. Big area here that ive never heard or seen anyone experiment with..

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    I have used RC injectors in my skyline powered 240 and they did a good job!

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    Back in the day (79)I bought a RC engineering 1103 12 1/2 to 1 big bore forged kit for my KZ900 it ROCKED.Did any body see that tripple engine drag bike on his web sight?I wonder if anybody guestioned his abilities when he was tiging the cases up on three POS low reving honda 750 single ohc top-ends,then he's got the nerve to slap a supercharger on each one of those dinosours,and go run in the 7's way back when.Thats just tooooo freaky

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