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    2010 GTX Battery Install

    I am wondering if someone can help me with the installation of my battery. The dealer removed it in the fall and I cannot figure out how the battery casing and the panel with all of the electical on it connect together. Can someone please help. A diargram would be great.


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    It was a pain.

    There are two bolts holding down the battery holder, or better said a cage. They are down towards the bottom of the hull, and not very easy to see. You have to reach down to find them and then use a socket extension to loosen them to remove. I also used a universal joint like extension piece to get the wrench where I could actually turn it more than 45 degrees. The case is then like a clamshell which opens on the top, the bolts on the bottom held the bottom together. You have to remove the battery black and red cables, but don't need to take off the other wires that are connected to the battery holder. Then you have for manouver the battery and case to fit it through the hull opening to remove. This is the pain part, but it can be done.

    This was what I had to do with a GTX with the iS suspension, but I assume the regular GTX has the same battery configuration.

    Good luck.

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