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    Do we exsist in a G.E. place?

    Do we live in a G E place? Has "Good Enough" now become the Norm!? Is it all around You? Do you feel that anywhere you go, people act and work with the Good Enough mentality? example, Your in the grocery store, and the Deli counter person is responsible for cleaning the counters and slicing tools. They just wipe it off with a dry towel? What are you thinking, is it clean? another, Your car is in the shop, your having moderate repairs made, Did the tech do his job right? did he just blast that intake or rocker cover on and thought F`k it!, it`s good enough? Or how about the dude who`s installing your brakes? Or, maybe the plumber who came over your house this afternoon to install a new burner unit in the hot water heater? Did he do a "good enough" job for you and your family? will it, can it, does it leak? Are You the guy on the job that does things to the best of your ability, try to do it 100% all the time? Or are you the dude that just waits for the day to end? I look around, the job, the stores, the dealers/repair shops, even the damn library and observe that most just do "good enough" work. Well, not for me...PR...

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    I know exactly what your talking about Pale!! Todays work force are lazy and just dont give a dam----from the drive thru, to the cleaners, to the repair shop. I blame the parents, every one of them. Everyday i have someone wait on me or serve me in some way that has never had an azz beating....EVER..

    They just don't care, none of them. So yea i see your point exactly. We now have new acceptable definitions for the words "Premium, Quality, Standard, Clean, & Service". However all are still unacceptable to me 99% of the time.

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    America has become the land of the lazy and malcontent. Everybody thinks minimal effort is good enough, and somebody owes them something.

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    Taking personal pride in doing your job well. It really does feel great. More people should try it, huh?

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    Excellent responses people!!!

    I`m like WTF , I work hard for my scratch, currently am the only one bring in the dough. When I pay for a service, especially when it comes to my ski or vehicles, I want it done right, no hoky poky bullsh!t, they tell me one thing and either NEVER do it that way or just put it on the back burner. Yes I absolutely agree, there should be some more a$$beatings, I`m getting to mellow in my age, a few years ago and I would have grabbed plenty by the F`n neck, no questions asked...
    So I have to say, please don`t mistake my kindness for weakness and don`t think I`m content with the lack of! but those who have dissed me should simply be thankful and feel comfort for not having an extended stay at their local ER ...

    anyways, it`s pathetic, that I have to direct a grown man to do the job right, that`s all you have to do is do the damn job right. some of my coworkers just can`t seem to grasp that, bc it`s Good Enough to them...PR...

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    When my guys show up for work I`ll let ya know what mentality the operate under. Usually I only see them on pay day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS View Post
    When my guys show up for work I`ll let ya know what mentality the operate under. Usually I only see them on pay day.
    I still think I got ya beat HOSS, I got a couple of real blowzo`s working on the crew... ...PR...

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