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    Dont know what to do with 97 1050

    i have a 97 sl 1050 i have done compresson test on all three its at 120 psi on all three i have cut the plug wires back 1/4 back i have changed oil and fuel tank i have check fuel pump but my 1050 still smokes and missing at full throtle and idles high i know that it dont have the new upgrade cdi it almost seems like its running rich if its the cdi i change it but need a cheap place to get one if its something else let me know iam at a lost of what it could be

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    Did you pull the carbs and give them a good cleaning? Should also check pop off and mixture settings. Also check the cable running from the throttle bracket to the oil pump. If it is broken i believe the default is oil pump wide open. ( lots of oil!!) Could also remove oil pump and go premix.

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    Did you remove all the old gray Tempo fuel lines?

    Carburetors removed, internally cleaned and rebuilt?

    Missing at high RPM is probably the old ignition system. Even if you install the upgrade ignition you still need to make sure the carbs and fuel lines are up to par.

    Oil pump cable should be working and pulling the oil pump arm UP when squeezing the throttle. Incorrect or broken oil pump cable will not affect WOT oil ratio, so it is not a factor in your high RPM problem.

    My signature link has a list of Parts Sources.

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    Thanks for the info I will check all that and order the upgrade and rebuild the carbs

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