Took the ski (GPR 04) out after fitting D plate and chip, the power hase been restore, however a new warning code"67" has pop up, and going by the code guide. That the stepper motor is stuck open. Well I can say that the stepper motor is not ghost yet, I can here the motor getting the idle adjusted without my finger on the throttle, so it must be working.
But I've notice that twice now, that the warning only kicks in after a long period of WOT,
Somehow after WOT and the throttle is suddenly release which activate the stepper motor warning into action.
I've have check everything and looked that the plug, its in there firm, what else is there to do to rectify the situation. I dont want to take it to dealership, because I know they will say replace your throttle assembly.
I' going to try and clean all ground point and see if that makes any difference.