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    GP1200r Rebuild Problems (Dieseling)

    I have just replaced the crank seals on a 1200PV motor, due to PTO seal leakage. Leak tested perfectly after repair.
    Rebuilt carbs and all back together with new gaskets and some threebond 1104.

    Ski started up fine but idles a little rough. I let it run at idle for a few minutes on the hose and then blipped the throttle, motor sounded like it was choking. Blipped it again and engine revved up but did not return to idle and would not shut off. I have had this happen before due to air leaks so I knew to pull the throttle to cut hte engine.

    Now this does look like an air leak problem but I have triple checked everything and I do not have air leak. On removing the plugs the centre one was extremely dry, the other 2 were normal.
    I have checked spark strenght on all 3 cylinder and they are fine.

    I have rebuilt a lot of thess motors but this problem has me a little baffled.

    any hel por pointer are appreciated.

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    to lean will cause it.

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    Did you replace/check the pulse lines? #2 being dry and other 2 wet sounds like a good starting point to check that carb. Did you rejet the carbs or just rebuild them as stock and are you running FA's? Just somewere to start looking.

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