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    Angry 2003 gp1300r Oil on plugs, fouling

    I have a 2003 gp1300r with only 6 hours on the engine. Riva stage II. Premix 40:1. I just unwinterized it and had fogged the engine with wd-40. The ski acts if the plugs are fouled. I let it run on the trailer for about 20 minutes to try to get the wd-40 out of the cylinder and it ran fine. Before putting it in the water I put a new set of plugs in it and fired right up but soon acted as the plugs were fouled again. I was able to make it out on the lake and they slowly cleaned themselves up and progressively had more power until it was running about right. I stopped and it stalled and wouldn't restart. Sat and tried to get it to start for about 15 minutes before having it towed in. By the time I got in it fired right up and idled fine. Pulled the plugs and they were covered in oil so I pulled them out and cleaned them up. Put them back in and within minutes it didn't want to idle again after just starting it and let it run for a minute. Pulled a plug and already covered in oil. Whats the deal? Could it be taking this long to get the fogging oil out of the engine? I am 100% certain I have a correct 40:1 ratio mixed. Using the standard NGK whatever-11 plugs. Getting frustrated. Thanks for any input.

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    Can you explain what you did when you winterized it with wd40?

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    I just fogged the cylinders with wd-40 before storing it for the winter but I have determined that that can't be the problem. It will run great as long as I keep the rpms up some but once I let it get back down to idle it will stall and wont restart til the plugs dry. It has to be getting too much oil because it also is smoking more heavily than it should so I am starting to question if it was truly converted to pre mix since I have now only put about 4 hours on the ski since I have owned it. Where is the oil injection pump located on the 1300 so I can confirm if it has been blocked off? I am thinking the guy may have been under the impression the shop deleted it and they didn't and there is still oil injection on top of the 40:1 premix. Thats the only way I can figure it is getting so much oil.

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    ...someone here will help u with the injector the meantime, another thought that may be worth trying is starting over with your pre-mix/removing the premix. Some oils are known to settle out & separate over time (probably not very likely but stranger things have happened)...and btw have you considered running closer to 50:1?

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    Did you put too much oil in when you premixed? How many ounces per 5 gallons did you use?

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    If you have pre-mix and oil injection you would be running about 20:1. What does running 20:1 do as far as how the engine runs?

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    ...on a two stroke yes, you'd at some point foul plugs at 20:1(except for break-in of course). Starting to look more and more like injector pump wasn't disconnected....

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    check to make sure all 3 plugs are still firing- even though they were new they still go bad

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    Have you checked the compression? Sounds to me like you'll find a low-comp hole.

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