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    New PWC Owner Here

    My name's Ricky, I live in the Panhandle area of FL.. Finally got a Waverunner, it's a '97 Yamaha GP1200 I got from a guy I work with. He's owned it for 10 years, and the previous owner bought it brand new (he's a mechanic at Yamaha here).. so it's been taken care of from what I can tell, runs great.. minor idling issue, needs a little cosmetic/tune-up work, and work on the trailer but already had a blast on it today and yesterday!

    Here's a picture of it, I put a set of ODI grips on it this morning too..

    Has a few modifications that I'm aware of, and there are several that I'm not familiar with so he's making me a complete detailed list lol..

    Going to browse around the forum, learn as much as I can!

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    Welcome to Greenhulk Ricky, I am fairly new myself. That's a nice machine.

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    Welcome to the boards and that is a great looking ski!

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    Nice ski. You'll find a GP1200 following here in the Old School section (including me).
    Mods I can see in the pics: UMI steering, Hydroturf mats, hydroturf splash guard, sponsons, billet gas cap, and no mirrors

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    Thanks everyone! Trying to learn haha

    I need to get a detailed list of all mods from the previous owner.. he was naming and pointing at so many different things that I had no clue about lol.. but along with what you just mentioned, it also has the aluminum trim tabs, riva extended nozzle (not sure which model or anything), and it has the cable, but not hooked to a lever, for something that he told me will point the nozzle down with the pull of a grip/lever and there are 'Quick Trim Shift System' stickers, but I'm not sure how it works.. there is no lever and the system is ziptied to be inop at the moment. Any suggestions? He said I could use a bike type brake lever. What would I use this for?

    Also has Riva power filters, primer kit, converted to pre-mix, no muffler, reinforced hull, some extra ports under the seat for air flow i guess? he said the carbs were rebuilt 2 seasons ago, less than 30 hours on them since..

    I've only taken it out twice so far but had a blast lol.. waiting to get a new trailer axle/leaf springs, hopefully by this weekend!

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    QSTS is the standard stock trim system. On stock handlebars the trim is controlled by rotating the left hand grip, which pushes and pulls a cable to trim the nozzle up and down.
    Sounds like the previous owner of your ski, installed a brake lever to control that trim. Similar to the one in this picture.

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    Would it be of any use to me to reinstall a lever?

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    Because without trim u will porpoise like crazy. The trim needs adjusted at each speed whether u are cruising at full throttle or just 3/4. Each speed needs the nozzle"trimmed" at a different angle.

    Trim also allows u to take off quicker, turn sharper, and jump wake or waves better

    I don't think u have a UMI steering system. Maybe the pad and the handle bars but the clamp looks like the stock peice

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    I only have the umi bars not the complete steering. Do I just need a brake style lever ? I was told it's a "drop" nozzle and just needed a bike/motorcycle type lever to pull when I wanted to drop the nozzle down, or was this something factory installed with an adjustable trim?

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    Just now saw the reply from cutlass, how could I get my grip to twist again? Or would the lever work somehow?

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