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    Mystic 2-stroke oil - simple oil mixing question

    not to re-start the great oil debate but old owner had been using Pennzoil premium plus outboard oil and the tank is about out of oil and debating putting the Mystic 2-cycle PWC full synthetic oil in my MSX 140, is this a good or a bad idea?

    If good idea will there be a problem with mixing until enough of new oil has gone through system?

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    I have not used the Mystic oil, but I doubt you will have a problem adding the new oil to the tank with some old oil still in there.

    Apparently very similar to, or the same as, Citgo Sea and Snow 2-stroke oil;

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    Does it meet the TCW3 standard ?
    If it does , i'm pretty sure it's tested to mix well with all TCW3 oils.

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    NO the Mystic JT-4 PWC oil is NOT TCW3, but that doesn't mean you can't mix them. You will be fine...just run the tank low (without running it too low that air gets in the lines), and add your new oil. Oil incompatibility is very rare today, with the exception of castor bean oil.

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    thanks all....i have plugged new cheaperMystic oil in and will see how it does...wish me luck

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