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    Am I messing up getting a gp1300r over the fzr?

    Looking at a 2008 gp1300r with 7hrs on it and a triton trailer for 7k.

    called and found a dealer that has an 09 fzr in blue for 9600 out the door plugs $700 for the trailer..

    not sure which way to go..

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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    If you can swing it FZR

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    Buy them both and install the FZR motor in the GPR.... Then hold on tight

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    Yes, in my opinion you would be "messing up."
    GP1300r was a great ski for it's time, but nowadays you have to go with the 4 stroke.
    Resale value alone would dictate this, not to mention the savings in fuel and oil.
    Performance wise it's a no brainer; test ride them both on the water and you'll see.

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    If you have to have new, or only want to ride, spend the extra $2600 for the FZR.
    For many here on the board half the fun is in modding the ski. If you like to get your hands dirty, buy a used GP1300R and have a ton of money left over for go-fast parts. You can port it, mill the head, upgrade flame arrestors, intake & ride plate and outrun stock FZR's for half the money. Two strokes are simple and very forgiving, and you can troubleshoot right here.

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    +1 right here, the gpr is a good to tinker on, the fzr to just get on and ride. Either way you won't be disappointed

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    went with the low hr gp1300r (6.8hrs), I perfer the looks of it over the fzr the fzr is nice but how the back end extends way past the seat I was liking that too much I'm sure it can out run me for now but I'm cool with that. The owner I believe is a member on here so if you come across this it was a a pleasure doing business with ya and can't wait to get it in the water.

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