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    vts doesnt work on my 96 xp

    the vts on both of my xp's doesnt work. from what i understand its a very common problem. therefor im not even gonna bother with the $ and hassle of fixing them. so.....with the black bumper that goes around the perimeter of the hull dead level i adjusted the nozzle pointing down 5 degrees.what is the usual nozzle angle on a pwc without vts. im gonna take em out today and try it out.

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    The VTS is 50% of the fun factor of that ski.look on ebay motors,someone has some kind of module fix for them that's like $80

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    if i fix the vts ill have 50% more fun? i find that hard to believe! they're fun as hell just like they are! the wife and i went out today.i forgot how much fun those are. when i got these 2 xp's one vts worked and one didnt. the one vts that worked i fiddled with it a bit when i was ridin and it didnt really seem like that big of a deal. 2 rides after i got them the vts quit and i havent really missed it. and further more the starter button went out on one the doos so i took the vts button and hooked it up to the start/stop circuit and put it in the starter hole. now i have a beige starter button instead of red. i can live with that. especially when the starter buttons are $90! and im probably gonna sell these 2 in mid july anyway. gotta get my daughter a car.

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