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    1998 GTX RFI Rave valves wont close on their own with new red springs

    I have a 1998 GTX RFI. I just replaced the motor with a new complete shortblock from SBT and at the same time I replaced the springs in the top of the RAVE valve covers. The short block that came out was an SBT that had been blown from using the wrong oil. They used a TCW for the KAwasaki. But the rave valves never closed then either. The springs that were in it were red and so are the new replacement springs from Seadoo. The problem is that the red springs in the Rave Valve cover do not have enough force to overcome the force of the return spring inside the rave valve. There is no binding or anything in the rave valves. I removed them, cleaned, and checked anyway. I cut up some rubber hose into a thin slice like a washer to make a spacer so the spring would push harder on the rave valve and this fixed the problem. They work great now but I am wondering if someone can tell me why I am having this problem. Its amazing how much better it runs with the rave valves working properly. I have all the shop manuals and followed them to the "t".

    Is the Rave valve return spring in the SBT rebuilt Rave valve to strong? Anyone know anything about this issue?

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    never had any problems w/ oem parts-- don't know about the after market stuff thou-- there is a lot of junk sold now adays that claim to "meet or exceed oem spec." -- sure...

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    problem number bought SBT...Twice! spend the money the right way and buy a good rebuild from a reputable member or do it yourself.

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    I think the red ones are for the 951, and kawi/tcw3 didn't blow the motor, maybe gumed up the valves.

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    There is no rave return spring in a 1998 RFI,there is only one spring.

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