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    Overheat Issue-MSX110

    Hello-I'm new to the forum here and I apologize if this has been asked before. I have a 06 MSX 110 that has an overheat warning/limp mode going on but no error codes and the best that we can tell is working normally. The coolant bottle is full and the water pump appears to be working. When I put the ski in to a test tank, it runs normally for about 5 minutes and then the warning comes on and it goes into limp mode. The problem started after the ski was beached. When we first ran the codes, we couldn't get anything from the ECU, so we bought a used one from Ebay which allowed us to communicate again. We cleared the codes from the new ECU and ran the ski. We also replaced the temp switch thinking maybe it was just a faulty switch. No luck. Light still comes on after approx 5 mins of running. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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    That would be a 2004 model, not '06 ...

    Is the engine or exhaust actually getting too hot?

    Have you checked the lake water cooling system for sand or clogs?

    Start with the black plastic mesh inlet screen (postage stamp sized) which is inside the jet pump nozzle. Also check the plastic cooling tube that runs alongside the jet pump, and work your way through the cooling circuit. There is a water-coolant heat exchanger that should be checked.

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    i would start looking at the raw water circuit. i would assume for now that your coolant tank/closed loop cooling circuit is OK,

    as above, i would check the mesh gause in the reducer cone on you jetpump.
    after that you need to establish that your chargercooler(intercooler) is passing water threw and that this isnt blocked!! if this is blocked this will start heat soak, and the water to water heat exchanger is also fed from the chargecooler water outlet. so you need to prove water is geting to that!

    in short is sand or beach debris is in any part of the raw water circut, you intercooler will get very hot, your engine will get hot, and your exhaust will get extremely hot.

    does the system flush ok with the fresh water flush adaptor fitted? check water comes out of the exhaust pipe, exhaust/water outlet (left side of jet pump housing) and water should come out of the right hand side of inside the jet pump,

    if this is all ok, you have a more serious problem, and would look at your closed loop circuit

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